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Born in the late fifties, I first heard Sputnik in the radio - later I witnessed Kennedy being shot down and then I saw men walking on the moon.

There was war all over the place and I kept wondering in what kind of world I was born into this time.


After education, school and profession I started a life of my own.

I was working in my field as a dental technician in Germany and abroad, but finally gave it up for a life at sea.

A blessing experiance.

I was sailing big and small sailboats and

I had an interim journey on a heavy good freighter, a tramp on which I sailed worldwide for a year as a mate.

When I returned back to Berlin after having lived the free live of Ibiza for years, I felt terrible ill and had somewhat like a cultural shock then.

I was voice hearing and hallucinating due to my drug consuming carrier.

I started to attend the University of Art in Berlin for some years - but had to give it up without completing - due to my psychosis.

The first years at home I was constantly sent into psychiatry, where I was diagnosed a paranoid schizophrene psychosis, and was treated mostly with drugs.

You can imagine that I felt like beeing thrown a big branch into your legs while runnig at high speed.

I was torn out of my former life - my financial circumstances were, that they took away my fortune and put me in the system - where I was alimented by the state.

I felt terrible for years.

Furthermore they deprived some of my civil rights so I was forced to stay in this system.

For years I enjoyed the "goodness" of psychiatry but empowered myself by joining the antipsychiatric movement.

I absolved an education to "Recovery Guide" made a course as an "Addiction Aid" and I am now doing an education in "Arttherapy".

These steps forced my recovery and I am working as a Guide  in the system I dont agree with.



But in some way the ring has closed - I found my way in a way it makes sense.

There is so much arbitrary coercion and drugging - I cannot follow.

But I take it as a chance to change a little bit of suffering.