OutSiderArt // Art Cru // Art Brut


The art of marginalized people!!!


OutSiderArt - Art Cru or better Art Brut , how the "raw", mostly autodidactive art of so called mad Artists since the twenties of the last century is called, is for the recipient of this class a real strange and a 

fascinating experiance.

Originates this species for the normal viewer yet from a strange World of Madhouses or Psychiatry , as those institutions are named today.

The Interest for this kind of Art by retarded persons has increased during the last century  since the recognition of Artists like A.Wölfli, who was  an inhabitant of the Berner Clinic and diagnosed schizophrene but discovered and supported by his psychiatrist W.Morgenthaler, has risen strong and is internationally known and commercialized as a special Form of Art.

Under the Label OutSiderArt are worldwide a lot of Initiatives, Exhibitions and Galeries growing, to give this Class a platform and the Artist the possibility to reach the public and being seen and honoured as they deserve.

In Berlin it is the "Galerie Art Cru" in Mitte, which gives the opportunity to exhibit and even sell the Masterpieces eventually.


Today the psychiatric system is well of and offers each interested client the possibility to be creative and to express oneself.


The therapeutical value of artificial practice inner soulish processes is of inestimable Value, for the Artist himself who creates the work as for his Mission and Vision he is transporting.


I for myself have been creative since my early times in the system and have begun  to create greater paintings and works in my own small flat a few years ago.

Now a psycho-social company promised to let an atelier for my work eventually, so my small budget will make it possible to go on.


I will publish and exhibit under the domain of : 





For the next time there is planned an exhibition at

Galerie Art Cru


and there is an exhibition at NeSt.e.V. in Berlin/Neukölln




10.04. - 18.04.2015



WORKS  " 2008 - 2015 "  by myself ...