Getting cought by the system may happen too often to many people.

As I am concerned I was the Paradise - Bird in a society functioning in an other way.

On my Trips through the world I was happening to meet a lot of great people - never minding material matters nor thinking bad about somebody else by purpose - always mindfulnessly trying to help each other.

Specially among the "Boat People"  - a worldwide community of sailing folks - it was selfunderstood to support those who were endangered.


Coming back to Germany I had to experiance a lot of bad vibration.

We lost our home due to mysterious circumstances, we could not interfere.

There were a lot of people, who by materialistic ,egoistic and highly unsocial reasons mixed up our lives and behind our back tried to harm us.

They succeded and I went into psychiatry for years.


In the so called Health System which is in reality somewhat like Horrorpanoptikum, where people are forced to swallow drugs that make them numb and calm and are pushed aside like human dump - people are tortured by force to live a dimmed life and have rarley a chance to escape.


But since the early sixties, there is a movement among those "Silent Sheeps" called the Antipsychiatry Movement.

By lining up the failiures of psychiatry the Movment succeeded to install modern and humane Ideas.

There established a strong self helping movement and alternatives to the system arised worldwide.

Until then the psychiatric system followed strict coersive methods to "treat" people like fixing, coersive medication, electroshock, lobotomie and restrained taking away basic civil rights.

It was a long march, which I joined in the late eighties, when first success was visible.

There were several reforms and several declarations by the UN that made it possible to recover - which was unrealistic in the decades before.

There was a severe Paradigma Shift in thinking about Mental Health and the role the Pharmaceutic Industrie plays.

Decades passed where patients were drugged by psychiatrists - so many of them died instead to recover.


It took over fifty years for the movement to empower.


Today psychiatry is trialogic - that means concerned persons, relatives and professionals are working together.

There is nowerdays the possibility for ex - patients to work in the system as an experianced professional ( RECOVERY GUIDE ) after going through a severe education with






Healing and cure from mental illness is no longer impossible.

There are ways and examples that proove this fact.