During my mid - twenties and mid thirties I went on a Journey that led me from Europe to West India, U.S.A., Southamerica, North Africa, Orient / Gulf , India and back to Europe - especially Spain.

In the late eighties I returned back to Berlin where I have my residence.


I was blessed meeting all these good people - very poor ones and very rich and wealthy ones.

Almost all of them I regard as friends having had a great time and good vibration.


Most of the years I spent on flush teak decks skippering and delivering big and smaller boats.

I had a great time and crossed the atlantic three times.

I had a girl in almost every port.

So it came that I left my girl in Trinidad pregnant and I do not know if she got the child or not because she vanished from the island.

Maybe sometime the doorbell rings and ...!!!


I witnessed countless breathtaking sunsets - smoking a Spliff and drinking a Gin.

But the most beautiful experiance I had in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, when I saw an unusual sunrise.

It was 11°° in the morning - it was total darkness - you did not see anything and I stood at the railing of a small Catamaran.

I was alone and suddenly a tiny orange dot appeared high up in the sky.

I was completely awed cause I thought this must be an U.F.O. ...!!

It was not - after some minutes it grew bigger and I realized it was our SUN -

distorted by the atmospheres paralaxis.

Maybe I was the only one ever seen such a sunrise??!!


Because of moments like this and other very good remembrances I would like to get on touring the world - not necessarily on a boat.

Maybe I will be travelling with my dog "SPIKE"  -  a strong German Shepard and Husky Mix??!!





It might be a good Idea because from this perspective you will be seeing a lot more.


Maybe I will pass the Pacific on a Yacht??!!


Who knows - I am halfway round.






" WINTI WAI " or " LADINO " as SHE was called in the 80ties

After thirtyfive years - in the year 2015.

Last week during my journeys through the web I discovered my old boat - the " LADINO " as "WINTI WAI " - she is named now.

And - She is available to take over !!

I did my first transatlantic crossing with Eduardo, who built her in 1983 in Argentine, on this Wharram Catamaran.

It is a Tongaroa MK IV - about 12m long and 7m wide - and still seaworthy after all those years.



Now I am challenged  to overtake her - instead of building a new one - which would take a few years.


Well - it only depends on my good health, after undergoing an almost thirty years lasting torture in psychiatry.

That means I have to force my recovery now !!


Also I have to struggle for my heritage, my father left for me - and to convince my family - who is in charge of my fortune !!


I will keep ya informed on :


See ya over there ...